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Air PermittingExperts

Fenstermaker’s experienced team of air permitting specialists is well-prepared to help you navigate through the regulatory process. With a complete understanding of the ever-changing policies and procedures, our professionals can improve your project efficiency by successfully leading you through complex air permitting requirements.


We monitor your project at every stage to minimize potential risks and delays. By maintaining strong working relationships with state and federal agencies, we are well-positioned to both meet your objectives and keep your projects within guidelines.

Our Services


    • Minor Source Permits
    • Permit Exemptions
    • Permit by Rule
    • Federal Operating Permit Applications
  • Reporting

    • Emission Inventory Reporting
    • Greenhouse Gas Reporting
    • Annual/Semi-annual Title V Reporting
  • compliance

    • Permit Modifications
    • Variances
    • Rule 32 Exceptions
    • Compliance Monitoring & Testing
    • Notice of Change Forms
    • Annual Compliance Review for Oil & Gas Production Facilities