Annual air permitting reporting deadlines are right around the corner. Here’s some important information you should know and a quick view of key dates.
Time to mark your calendar!

Emission Reporting and Inventory Center (ERIC) – Louisiana


What is ERIC Reporting?

ERIC reporting is a web-based emissions reporting application. Facilities must use this application to report annual emissions inventories from criteria pollutants and/or Toxic Air Pollutants (TAP) to the Louisiana Department of Environmental (LDEQ) as required under LAC 33:III.919 and LAC 33:III.5107.

Who has to submit an annual emissions inventory?

According to LAC 33:III.919.A.1.a, if a facility has the potential to emit or is permitted to emit a pollutant that meets or exceeds the pollutant threshold values in Table 6 of LAC 33:III.919.A.2.

What is the deadline for submitting a Criteria Pollutant Emissions Inventory or Toxic Air Pollutant Emissions Inventory?

Criteria Pollutant Emissions Inventories are due on April 30 of each year, pursuant to LAC 33:III.919.  Toxic Air Pollutant Emissions Inventories are due on April 30 of each year, pursuant to LAC 33:III.5107.

ERIC is available through the LDEQ web portal at the ERIC home page:

STEERS-AEIR Reporting – Texas


What is AEIR Reporting?

Air Emissions Inventory (AEIR) is an online system within the State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS). AEIR is used to submit annual air surveys of sites meeting the regulatory criteria for reporting.

Who has to submit air emissions inventory?

Sites subject to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Inventory Rule (see 30 TAC 101.10).  Typically, these are major facility/stationary sources emitting greater than the thresholds defined in the Section 101.10 regulation. There are also special cases when emissions inventory is required by the TCEQ.

What is the deadline for submitting the air emission inventory?

The emissions inventory is due on March 31st of the calendar year that follows the reporting year, except as otherwise required by the TCEQ.

More information on STEERS-AEIR Reporting is available at the following website: